The Worst of the Top 10 Challenges for Small Businesses.

What’s a small business owner’s biggest headache? The answer is, ironically, healthcare.

That’s not all. According to Small Business Trends, these are the top ten challenges small business owners are facing today:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Government Regulations
  3. Federal Income Taxes
  4. The Economy
  5. Tax Compliance
  6. Cash Flow
  7. Staying Passionate
  8. Not Diversifying Client Bases
  9. Growth Vs. Quality
  10. Hiring New Employees

Ready for a New Take on Healthcare?

You might have heard this one before. You’ve found a potential employee that fits your needs. You think you’re about to sign them when they tell you they love your company, love your culture, but have decided to go with a bigger company because they offer better benefits. That’s when you feel the sting of being a small business. How can you compete with that?

There is an answer and it’s Simpeo.

Now you can offer all the benefits of a big corporation and–best of all– it’s affordable. Even better, working with Simpeo solves three other problems small business owners have to deal with: Federal Income Taxes, Government Regulations and Payroll.

That’s because when you sign up with Simpeo, we handle all of that for you. Plus, your business becomes part of a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization. That means instead of being a small group for insurance purposes, you are part of a much larger group of employers and that allows you to get great rates on healthcare benefits for your employees.

That’s how smart businesses are taking care of their healthcare headaches. You can learn more about PEO’s and Simpeo at

~ The Simpeo Team