That’s the way we’ve always done it and why should we change?

Those words are like nails on a chalkboard. Status quo is just not in our DNA. We’re constantly looking for new and better ways to work, and we want your company to think that way too. That’s why we started Simpeo.

Simpeo simplifies Payroll, Compliance and Health Care Benefits for small businesses. And it’s all digital. That means no paperwork.

Once you sign your business up with Simpeo, we handle everything related to payroll. That includes automated deposits and one-off payments. Plus, we administer payments to full-time and part-time employees and vendors and contractors. Simpeo also tracks employees’ hours, and sick, and vacation time all online. And Simpeo handles the complicated and ever-changing landscape of government compliance, keeping you safe from fines and potential legal issues.

Why should big businesses have all the benefits?

When you sign up with Simpeo, your business becomes part of a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

That means your business is grouped with other businesses so you can take advantage of much better rates for quality health insurance. Now your small business can offer your employees the same kind of benefits they might expect to get working for a large corporation, including medical, dental and vision coverage. And with certain Simpeo plans, you can even offer 401(k) and HSAs that will help you recruit, reward and retain the best talent – all while saving thousands of dollars.

Benefits of Simpeo:

Time is all you have. Do. Not. Waste. It.

Time is not only money, it’s also your life. Every small business owner knows there is just not enough time in a day. From a business perspective, you should be spending your time doing productive things that make your company money and help it grow.

From a personal perspective, why on earth would you want to spend it doing payroll, government compliance forms and health care benefits? That’s what we want to do. Leave Payroll, Compliance and Health Care benefits to Simpeo so you can spend your time on billable hours for your company.

How much can you save?

You can find our precisely how much Simpeo will save by using our simple calculator. That’s a real number, by the way. Sound good? Sign up with Simpeo today.

~ The Simpeo Team